Up High

from by Dylan Campbell

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End of the ever growing day
Wander along the palisade
For miles all that I can see now is the mess
We’ve made, we’ve made, we’ve made
Our gentle mother helped me bleed
And for a moment I was free
But time has weathered every rock upon her shore
Before this age before

Distractions will not last you long
A plastic throne to sit upon
Sleepwalking silent orders blemish busy hands
This land, this land, this land

I’ve groveled listened at the banks
For simple sounds and gave my thanks
The clearest image floated to the surface of
What stays, what stays, what stays
Lost somewhere in the maze the mire
An ego burns upon the pyre
Flames kiss exulting underneath a speckled sky
Up high, up high, up high

Above the unmarked grave we found
A cloaked pariah stands devout
Who will despite the choice of weapons at his side
Confide, confide, confide

And all the loves I’ve ever known
Beckon a slow wind to carry home
Though crudely drawn the circles from a flawed design
Align, align, align

Roamed where I’ve roamed
Known what I’ve known
Cut this shit out what is alone
You cannot be alone


from Magic, released March 27, 2013




Dylan Campbell Middletown, New York

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